Corporate Structure


ECO Energy Tech Food Ltd is an agricultural research and development company that has four different branches of industry.

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The four branches are:

Eco Tech Food Ltd. for the design of low-priced structures using membrane architecture.

EcoAgri Asia Ltd. to build low-priced structures using membrane architecture for sale in Asia. GreenOne (Honkong)Ltd. and GreenOne (China)Ltd.

Agrity Market Asia Ltd was founded to supply consumers with a choice of affordable, fresh, tasty and nutritional local products through increasing crops and reducing sustainable production costs.

We have two subsidiary corporations for the construction of retail stores in China and Hong Kong - Agrity Market China Ltd. and Agrity Market Hong Kong Ltd. Agrity Canton Ltd. is our first store.

Aerotec Growing Systems, Inc. to design and develop planting systems with high crops in horticulture.

Eco Energy Tech Food Ltd. owns and provides different economic sectors with licenced technology.